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Learning is something that will never end. Coming to a place like Jeddah, you will constantly be bombarded by things around you. Whether you drive in the streets of Tahlia or you go down to the Corniche, or you go down to the old market or the fish market, or certain parts, you will always find something that you will bring back. It’s in your mind and in your heart how you want to use it. Inspiration is endless, it’s like a pot of gold

Vineet Bhatia/ Celebrity Michelin Star Chef
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About Chef Vineet Bhatia

One of the trail-blazers in applying Indian techniques to ingredients that are rare or unknown in India is Vineet Bhatia

R.W Apple Jr. – New York Times.

Re-thinking Indian cuisine

Chef Bhatia

Chef Bhatia is a Michelin star Chef and widely regarded as the chef of modern progressive Indian cuisine. He is shortlisted as 100 of the most powerful Indians in Gulf-Arabian Business Indian Power List 2010 by Business.com. Also regarded as one of the top 1000 most influential people in London by Everything Standard and shortlisted as Global Indians Top 100 by India Today.


Originally from Mumbai, Chef Vineet Bhatia moved to London and was disappointed to find out the representation of Indian cuisine in the place. Re-thinking Indian cuisine, he earned his Michelin star for the first time in 2001. Today, Chef Vineet Bhatia has a successful portfolio of restaurants located across the globe.

Inspired by the spirit of Jeddah


Rasoi by Vineet is a 110-seat restaurant whose design is inspired by the spirit of the old parts of Jeddah, which Chef Vineet fell in love with in his first visit to Jeddah, what made him decide to bring the essence of Jeddah and Old Jeddah into the restaurant.